Capture One launches Spring Campaign

Update, 01 April; a discount of 25% is now available for the standard version of Capture One, which supports multiple camera brands. Please follow this link to the official store and use the PRO25 promo code for the discount.

Capture One has announced a new Spring Campaign with 25% off for new users only, that is for purchases of new licenses and subscriptions, not upgrades. The caveat? Well, you have to be either a Sony or Fujifilm user – there are no discounts for users of other camera brands.

If you’re interested in Capture One for Sony, follow this link or if you’re a Fujifilm (GF or XF) user, follow this link . In both cases remember to use the SPRING25 promo code for the discount.

However, there are still some impressive savings to be had for those users, if you want to buy their Styles (aka Presets) [affiliate link].

For example, you can buy the Professional Styles Kit for just £179, which is normally £472. A saving of £293, or 62%.

Please use DJP as the promo code for a show of support. Thank you.

Note the Ultimate Styes Collection doesn’t appear currently to accept the DJP promo code (a penny or cent is taken off as an indicator). I would appreciate it you would continue to add it and let me know if it’s accepted during the transaction. Thank you.

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