Leica Q2 Monochrom officially announced

Leica has introduced a monochrome version of the popular Leica Q/Q2 compacts. Like those models it features a 28mm f1.7 ‘Summilux’ lens and full-frame sensor, only the new model sports a 47MP CMOS sans Bayer filter. The main benefit here over the 40MP Leica M Monochrom, besides the slightly higher pixel count, is the Q2 Monochrom’s built-in EVF. This allows the user to not only view in B&W of course but more importantly to compose in B&W. While you can do that with the M Monochrom you would have to use the optional Visoflex or compose via the camera’s rear LCD. Both options are less compelling solutions to the Q2M. 

The Q2 Monochrom is available now at £4995 /$5995.

Orders can be placed at the following retailers:

Park Cameras (UK)

Leica Store (UK)

B&H Photo (US)

Adorama (US)

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