Capture One Pro: Editorial Series – Style Pack (24 Styles)

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Available as an instant download, the Editorial Style Pack consists of six color-graded Styles combined with that popular matte look  in four density variations, totaling 24 Styles in all. Tested and compatible with Capture One Pro 12.

Capture One Styles are cross platform compatible and so can be used on both macOS or Windows machines.



This collection of six uniquely graded Styles, in four variations totaling 24 Styles in all, adds that desirable cinematic matte look to shadows combined with a colour grade that’s hugely popular among several genres, including travel, wedding, food, architecture, interiors, gardens, documentary, portrait and lifestyle.

A Capture One Style is intended to be used on a RAW file primarily, but it can also be applied to TIFF, JPEG and PNG files and is intended to be used at the beginning of your workflow. Adopting a Style will save you valuable editing time; getting you closer to your final image with just a single click. With an attractive, almost film-like aesthetic, all the Style in this Editorial Style Pack have been tested on a wide range of images, however, every single Style can be adjusted further to precisely align with your artistic vision.

See our tutorial on How to Install and Organize Capture One Styles.

Included Styles 

  • Cool Blue
  • Cool Blue (+)
  • Cool Blue (-)
  • Cool Blue (- -)
  • Tan
  • Tan (+)
  • Tan (-)
  • Tan (- -)
  • Stone
  • Stone (+)
  • Stone (-)
  • Stone (- -)
  • Orange Blue
  • Orange Blue (+)
  • Orange Blue (-)
  • Orange Blue (- -)
  • Sage
  • Sage (+)
  • Sage (-)
  • Sage (- -)
  • Magenta
  • Magenta (+)
  • Magenta (-)
  • Magenta (- -)

Tested and compatible with Capture One Pro 12 and the latest Capture One Pro 20.


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