Updated: Profoto adds new portable B10 light to range and promises smart connectivity

After the teaser last week hinting at a new addition to the range, high-end lighting manufacturer Profoto has announced the ultra-portable, cordless B10. Powered by a lightweight yet powerful rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides up to 400 full power flashes and up to 75 minutes of full continuous light for shooting video, the 250Ws B10 is said to have the equivalent power of five speedlights.

Besides offering flash and continuous light with adjustable color temperature, the new B10 offers a large rear screen with a highly legible interface and fewer controls. The B10 is compatible with the company’s Air TTL remotes or from the built-in remote in the A1 flash and there’s even remote connectivity using a smartphone and a dedicated app that enables remote adjustment. Profoto also state that the new model is compatible with over 120 light shaping tools from their line up.

Details on pricing or even when it will be available have not yet been announced but for more information on the new light, including detailed spec’s, head over to the Profoto website.

Update September 15; the Profoto B10 is available to pre-order. This news piece has been updated to correct the initial story that claimed the B10 unit had a touch-interface. The B10 has physical controls but it can be operated remotely by touch using a smart device and dedicated app.

Check prices from the following retailers:

B&H Photo


WEX Photo UK

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