Images leak of two Nikon Nikkor Z ‘MC’ lenses: 105mm F2.8 VR S and 50mm F2.8

Images have leaked of two, as yet un-announced, Nikkor ‘MC’ lenses; the full-frame Nikkor MC 105mm F2.8 VR S, and what’s now confirmed as another full frame model the Nikkor MC 50mm F2.8.

The ‘MC’ designation is not been used by Nikon previously but speculatively it’s mostly likely a true macro (1:1), without any de-focus image control ‘DC’ function, as per the older AF-Nikkor DC 105mm F2.0 D and 135mm F2.0 D models. At least, that’s the current view based on the images (the 50mm F2.8 has no obvious control ring for defocus control, though it could simply be a programmable function of the large focus-ring.

We likely won’t have long to find out, as the two lenses are likely to be revealed shortly. Information on the Nikon Z 9 is also expected to be revealed, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

Source: Nokishita Camera

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