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Phase One pre-announces price increase on Capture One Pro Sony

Update, December 18, 2018: Readers of this site can save 5% on subscriptions including annual pre-paid and month-by-month, up to December 31st. Simply Visit the official Phase One online store (affiliate link) and add the promo code AMBCARTER at checkout. Note discounts will not be available after that time, according to Phase One.

Update (November 29, 2018): Phase One has today introduced Capture One Pro 12. Read our initial impressions here

Update: Phase One raised the price to $199 (£189/199 Euros). If you’re in the UK, however, Amazon UK (affiliate link) still have copies of Capture One Pro Sony 11 to download (perpetual license) at just £65.35 inc VAT. (Sold out)

Phase One, the maker of high-end medium format cameras and digital backs and the developer of the popular Capture One Pro RAW processed has pre-announced a price increase for Capture One Pro Sony. The new price has not been disclosed but the current price of $79 (£89 or 99 Euros) remains unchanged till the 25 September. Capture One Pro Sony is the expected upgrade path from Capture One Sony Express which is bundled with every Sony mirrorless camera.

Besides the studio-oriented features such as camera tethering and capture, live view and camera control as well as conversion to EIP, that are widely associated with the Pro version, it has a wealth of other must have features that can be used to accelerate your workflow.

Image management using Sessions is worth the price of admission by itself, but other high-end features include Levels and Curves for additional tonal control and Layers for selective adjustment. There are other specialized tools as well. The intuitive Color Balance tool greatly simplifies color grading, while the much-lauded Color Editor in Sony Express sees the addition of Advanced and Skin Tone options for even greater control of color.

The Pro version also includes favorites such as the Focus Mask to check image sharpness and focus accuracy, watermarking, dual-monitor support, and export presets called Process Recipes for simultaneous processing of images to multiple file types.

A more complete list of the differences between the two can be viewed at the Phase One website. There’s no word on whether the standard version of Capture One Pro will be increased at the same time.

Readers of this site with Capture One Sony Express 11 can upgrade now to Capture One Pro Sony 11 at the current price of $79.00 less a 10% discount of $7.90, bringing the price down to just $71.10 when you use the promo code AMBCARTER at checkout. Visit the official Phase One online store, for discounts on licenses, Capture One Styles and bundles. The promo code can be used on everything there, except subscriptions.



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