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    Capture One Pro 12 review

    Introduction to Capture One Pro 12 As a RAW converter and processor, Capture One Pro is highly regarded in the pressured professional circuit for its out-of-the-box colours and perfectly weighted sharpening. It’s also well-liked by studios for its unique job-by-job image management option called Sessions and the ability to tie these in with the most advanced tethering solution you’ll find anywhere. If the photographer has his camera tethered to a computer it will be running Capture One Pro. No question. Capture One Pro is also making inroads with enthusiasts and beginners. First, Sony and now Fujifilm is bundling the scaled-back version Capture One with their new cameras, and offering discounts…

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    Capture One Pro: Top 10 Features You Should Know

    Already the ‘go-to solution’ for high-end imaging pros, Capture One Pro is becoming increasingly popular with a much wider audience. Part of this could be the bundling with Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras or that, arguably, Capture One has better color and sharpness over Lightroom using the defaults. It may even be due to offering a choice between a subscription model and traditional, perpetual licensing fee. Whatever the reasons for the growth in popularity, if you’re new to Capture One, there are several features you should know to help you improve your workflow. If you prefer, this is available on YouTube: 1 Auto Adjustments The Auto Adjustments feature (Auto Adjust – version…