New Editorial Style Packs Announced for Capture One Pro

If you’re looking to improve the workflow for your editing in Capture One Pro, then I’m pleased to announce that our new Editorial Styles collection (available for instant download from this site) are perfect for saving time and recreate that cinematic effect with the popular matte look to the shadows.

Available in a complete set for $79.99 reduced to $49.99 (plus sales tax, if applicable) the Editorial Style Pack consists of 24 individual Styles which have six different colour grades – Orange/Blue, Sage, Stone, Magenta, Tan and Cool Blue, each available in four density and contrast variations. Each Style adopts the stated colour grade with a matte look for the shadows that’s hugely popular for editorial style photography currently. Popularised initially by the film industry, the Orange/Blue Styles feature cool matte blue shadows and subtly warm orangey highlights and mid-tones.

As an alternative to the complete collection of 24 Styles, we offer two smaller Style Packs, comprising of 12 Styles each from the complete collection.

The Editorial One Style Pack consists of the Cool Blue, Tan and Magenta colour grades (12 Styles), whereas the Editorial Two Style Pack consists of the Orange/Blue, Sage and Stone grading (12 Styles). Buying the complete set of 24 Styles in the Editorial Styles Pack, will save you money.