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    Capture One Summer Deals Explained

    Capture One has a number of special offers currently available, and with some of the earlier deals still being honoured (reaching back to 2018), it’s difficult for everyone to keep track. So I’ve listed the most interesting of what’s currently available. The Summer Promotion (TAKE25OFF) runs through to the end of September, 2020. Although listed in £ GBP, you can more or less substitute $ USD, one for one. 25% off with Promo code TAKE25OFF Capture One Pro perpetual license, usually £299, now £224.25 Capture One Pro subscription (annual, prepaid), usually £180, now £135 Please use this link [affiliate] Up to 64% off with Promo code TAKE25OFF Capture One Pro…

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    New Editorial Style Packs Announced for Capture One Pro

    If you’re looking to improve the workflow for your editing in Capture One Pro, then I’m pleased to announce that our new Editorial Styles collection (available for instant download from this site) are perfect for saving time and recreate that cinematic effect with the popular matte look to the shadows. Available in a complete set for $79.99 reduced to $49.99 (plus sales tax, if applicable) the Editorial Style Pack consists of 24 individual Styles which have six different colour grades – Orange/Blue, Sage, Stone, Magenta, Tan and Cool Blue, each available in four density and contrast variations. Each Style adopts the stated colour grade with a matte look for the shadows…

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    How to Install Styles Easily in Capture One Pro

    Capture One Styles are an important feature in Capture One and Capture One Pro. Styles are perhaps the single most important aid to your branding, and can save you both time and money when re-creating your unique creative vision. In addition to the Built-in Styles that are supplied with Capture One Pro (and the Express versions), which you can use as a starting point to editing your images, you can also buy additional Styles or “Style Packs” from the official Capture One site [official link*] or ambassador sites, like this one [link to our shop]. While Styles can greatly improve your workflow and reduce the time you spend editing, they’re…