Ending soon: 20% off upgrade promotion launched for Capture One 22

Update 07 Nov, 2021: Although I wasn’t told initially when this ends a Capture One spokesperson informed me that the offer ends Tuesday 09 November (presumably at midnight Central European time.) The same spokesperson said as a license holder (subscribers automatically upgrade) this is going to be the “best offer” to upgrade to version 22. So if you haven’t decided already, nows the time.


Capture One have launched an upgrade promotion for existing perpetual license holders only (those on Capture One Pro 21, Capture One 21 and older versions of the licenses) for those wishing to move on to version 22. 

The promotion does not apply to anyone buying a subscription (you’ll upgrade anyway providing the subscription is still valid).

I’m not usually a fan of buying something that won’t be available until later (version 22 is expected in December). However, if you usually upgrade anyway, this will save you 20% off the regular price (single user license), around £/$ 60. 

If you don’t like chasing deals, I typically advocate the pre-paid annual subscription as it’s usually the cheapest option – you can read about that here.

However if you’re a v21 license holder and are interested in the new tools (Pano stitching and HDR merging, which have been mooted already, plus some that haven’t been mentioned) Capture One have claimed there will not be a better deal available. It’s also not clear how long this offer will be available for, either, so now’s the time… Ends 09 November.

For more information follow the link to the official Capture One site [affliiate link].

A spokesperson for the company reminded me that you can still combine the 10% discount off using this site’s discount code DJP10, in conjunction with the pre-upgrade offer when following the link above. This equates to just under 30% off in total.