dxomark benchmarking

DXOMark benchmarks Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm F1.8 S lens on the Nikon Z 7


DXOMark has tested the Nikon Nikkor Z F1.8 S on the Nikon Z 7. It performs very well. The results can be read here.

Bear in mind the results are all based on the Nikon Z 7, with which it was tested. The camera has a lot to do with the overall performance. Sharpness is just one, perhaps the most obvious, example and it’s not widely known that it affects other aspects, such as vignetting and even lateral chromatic aberration. If it is tested on the Nikon Z 6 at any time in the future, you will see different results including a lower overall DXOMark score.

People put so much emphasis on sharpness, especially MTF results, but these are typically only computed (often not taking distortion into account) and they don’t really reflect how the lens will perform on a camera. If you want to know how your lens performs it’s best to look it up by camera.