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DxOMark Measures Canon RF 28-70mm F2.0L USM

DxOMark has published the results of their findings on the optical performance of the Canon RF 28-70mm F2.0 L USM, the data can be found at the DxOMark site.

In addition to the data, as one of the editors there I have written the lens review, which can be found at a different page on the DxOMark site here. It’s a high-speed zoom with a constant F2.0 aperture and it has impressive optical performance overall, but be warned it’s not cheap.

The review talks only of the optical properties, there is no comment on handling, build quality, AF or other subjective areas. It’s an idea to look past the overall score – it’s just a way to rank the lens/camera (i.e., system) performance. The lens has been evaluated on the 30MP Canon EOS R only, so it won’t appear that high in the database comparison chart, as it features other systems with higher resolution sensors.

If you want to know more about how it performs, particularly with regard to sharpness (acutance) drill down with the data, especially the lens Profiles or if you’re more visual the Field Maps. It’s a remarkable lens and the optical performance is impressive.

If you want to check the price and availability, it’s available from:

B&H Photo (US)

Amazon (US/Canada/UK)

WEX Photo (UK)