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Phase One Adds Automated Frame Averaging to IQ4 series Digital Backs

Phase One has announced that it will be adding ‘Automated Frame Averaging’ to its newly introduced Full-Frame 645 MF (54 x 40mm) Phase One IQ4 series digital backs next week. Automated Frame Averaging was mentioned during the original announcement of the IQ4 series and is said to reduce shadow noise and protect highlights from clipping.

The new feature leverages the electronic shutter in the new IQ4 DBs (as well as the increased RAM and upgraded processor) to capture multiple frames in rapid succession, often with no significant time between them which may otherwise lead to moving elements appearing as blurred artefacts. The series of frames are merged generating a single RAW file.

By adopting advanced computational techniques, Automated Frame Averaging separates the timed exposure from the set shutter speed which allows for long exposures without requiring ND filters. It is available from within the IQ4 back and is independent of the camera. So although it is fully compatible with the Phase One XF, it can also be used with older Phase One and Mamiya 645DF+ bodies as well as technical cameras. An external host computer isn’t required to perform the processing either like it is with the rival Hasselblad H6-400c Multi-shot, so it can be used without having to tether the camera.

There is no resolution increase claimed in the press release (see below) from this multi-frame capture function.

The firmware update required for the new feature is to be available next week.


Source: Phase One and additional information via Digital Transitions.

Phase One Official Press release:

COPENHAGEN, June 25, 2019 – Phase One today announced its first IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement – with powerfully redefined RAW capture functionality and new features that boost the photographer’s creative control.

With a focus on dynamically improving image quality, Phase One has innovated RAW image data creation with a new approach to reading, recording, and processing RAW captures. The new Automated Frame Averaging function of the IQ4 Camera System combines multiple sensor readouts during the capture process to reduce noise, strengthen dynamic range, and protect highlights. This process is expected to raise the bar by which image quality is measured, and open new creative opportunities.

“With Automated Frame Averaging, Phase One have adapted and further developed advances in technology, pushing the envelope of what’s possible to achieve in a camera system.” said Paul Reiffer, Professional Landscape Photographer. ”In doing so, yet again, they’ve pushed the industry forward while investing in our development as photographers along with the art of photography itself.”

Additionally, the Creative Control Enhancement for IQ4 Camera Systems offers many more features and functionality, to streamline and advance the photographers’ workflow. Capture One Inside now enables photographers to load their own custom styles into the IQ4, so captured images can reflect their own unique vision and style.

“My style is central to my art. With the XF IQ4 Camera System and Capture One Inside, I am able to advance my creativity in the capture process,” said Gemmy Woud Binnendijk, Fine Art Photographer. “For me, the Phase One Camera System becomes central to my entire photographic process and not just a singular step.”

More information about the IQ4 Infinity Platform Creative Control Enhancement is available here:

Creative Control Package for the IQ4 Infinity Platform includes:

  • Automated Frame Averaging
    • Capturing and processing numerous consecutive images into one
  • Capture One Inside (v.12.1)
    • Introducing Clarity & HDR
    • Custom IQ Styles
  • Workflow and Storage Flexibility
    • Direct Image Transfer
      • Transfer captured images from the IQ4 to Capture One
    • SD Storage Control
      • Capture directly to the SD storage media
      • SD as storage overflow
    • Zone Tool
      • Use the Zone Tool overlay mask to evaluate exposure

Availability and Pricing

The Creative Control package will be available for download in early July and free of charge for all IQ4 Camera System owners at

The Infinity Platform is available within the IQ4 product portfolio, which consists of the IQ4 150MP Digital Back, IQ4 150MP Achromatic Digital Back, and IQ4 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back. All are available now, individually or as part of an XF Camera System, through Phase One Partners: Please contact your local Phase One Partner to arrange a demo.

For more details about IQ4 Camera Systems, please go to: