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Hidden Features of Capture One: Save your Workspace

Capture One Pro is a highly customisable app, and there’s nothing worse than getting it all set up only to find the workspace has changed for whatever reason. I often find it different to how I left it (or thought I had), whether that’s due to a bug, an update, the yearly upgrade, or simply user error (such as removing tools or complete tool tabs) it’s difficult to say.

Fortunately, Capture One has an option to save the current workspace. Once saved it’s easy to restore and it’s easy to set up several customised workspaces for different tasks. You might for instance never use the tethering option, so you can simply remove the dedicated Capture tool tab for that and save the new workspace.

  1. Make the alterations to the current workspace as you see fit.
  2. Go to the main menu and select Window > Workspace > Save Workspace…
  3. A window will open to allow you to name it. Type in a meaningful name and save it. That’s it, you’ve saved the currently configured workspace!
  4. When you need to recover the workspace (or choose one of the pre-configured workspaces), simply return to the main menu and select Window > Workspace > ‘Your New Workspace’.


If you have yet to experience the benefits of Capture One Pro for yourself, you can visit the official site here to download a free trial. Please note you will be asked to create an account but only a name and email are required. No credit card details will be asked for.

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