SDXC Extreme Pro UHS-I

Low pricing on SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro UHS-I memory cards

As the proliferation of new memory card types continues, there are several good deals to be had on SDXC Extreme Pro UHS-I type cards, especially via UK retailer PicStop [affiliate link]. These cards are fine for most stills and lower bit rate video.

After experiencing some untoward behaviour (missing and or corrupt images and slow playback on the cameras’ rear screens) with Sony Tough SDXC-II cards, which were faulty (and not collected or replaced under a recall), I’ve decided to avoid buying more of those for the moment. Instead I’m returning to SanDisk Extreme Pro cards, which are equally as ‘tough’ from my own experience, let alone what I was told during an interview with a SanDisk executive for the British Journal of Photography magazine.

I no longer consider anything under 64GB and UHS-II are preferred (especially with video and when high burst rates are required). That said, for UHS-I cards 170MB/s read, 90MB/S write speed (V30) you can’t beat such a low price £14.99 for 64GB cards or £27.99 for 128GB, which are useful for stills and all but the highest bit rate 4K video (please do your due diligence here, and check your manual first, though).

Manufacturers’ online stores aren’t usually the cheapest either – for fear of alienating retailers – but in the case of the faster UHS-II type cards the SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II (300/260 MB/s, read/write speed) cards can be found very competitive prices. The 128 GB cards which are usually spread around the £195 – £259 mark, are available currently at £188.99 with free shipping over £25 via the official SanDisk online store [affiliate link]. If you’re a student or over 55 years of age there’s 15% discount as well, though you will have to verify your eligibility.

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PicStop [UK stock, apparently]

SanDisk online store 


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