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Samsung anounces high resolution sensors for smartphone cameras

Samsung Electronics has launched two new high-resolution image sensors that are destined for multi-camera arrays in smartphones.

The two “Isocell” sensors – a 48-megapixel and a 32-megapixel unit both feature small size 0.8 micron pixels and are crucially compact to fit the slim bodies demanded of smartphone makers.

Called GM1 and GD1 respectively, the two new sensors feature Samsung’s Isocell Plus technology which adopts an innovative pixel structure that improves both light sensitivity and color fidelity, and what Samsung are calling Tetracell technology where the output from four pixels is combined into one (oversampled) for reduced noise.

The sensors also support the gyro-based electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology used in video capture.

It’s believed that the new sensors which start mass production in November will feature in the Samsung Galaxy S10 device, slated for release next year.

Via Samsung News. For more information on current mobile devices, see the Samsung website.