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Canon EOS R3 accessories to be launched with new camera

In addition to the Canon EOS R3 and two new lenses mentioned yesterday, according to serial leaker Nokishita, there’s also a number of dedicated accessories that will be announced alongside. Most of these will likely be for the new multi-function ‘digitised accessory shoe’, which is built-into the hotshoe on the EOS R3.

From Tascam’s recent announcement for the up-coming CA-XLR2d-C audio adapter, we know the device allows direct digital audio transmission via a digitised accessory shoe with built-in AD converter. So it’s fair to presume Canon will be offering something along similar lines with XLR support, perhaps offering as many as three different versions (ER-XX). I also expect a directional stereo mic (possibly the DM-E1D).

What’s more, as it’s a multi-function shoe supplying power from the camera, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the new accessories was a Speedlite Transmitter (ST-E10 maybe?). While that would be a welcome advance, wouldn’t it be nice if this was already built into the camera body? Even then it wouldn’t be a first, the Phase One XF camera (released in 2015) has a built-in transmitter for Profoto flash. Still, bearing in mind the size of the EOS R3 (it’s not as large as the Canon EOS 1-DX Mark III) an optional accessory would make sense.

Six dedicated accessories are listed as being announced alongside the Canon EOS R3:

ST-E10 – Speedlite Transmitter
DM-E1D – Directional Stereo Mic


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