Canon EOS R3 on a white background.
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Canon EOS R3 to be launched soon

The Canon EOS R3 will be with us shortly and it marks a significant change in Canon’s line up – serial leaker Nokishita has stated that the resolution is 24MP. Given Nokishita Camera is likely a retailer in Japan, and/or has access (perhaps as a reseller) to one of the big online stores, the native resolution can no longer be contested.

Evidently, Canon is feeling the pressure from Sony as this is destined to give the Sony a9 and a9 II a run for the money (or perhaps not at $5,999, at least initially anyway).

As a sports-oriented camera, the EOS R3 likely won’t disappoint but what does that say of the Canon EOS R1? Are we going to see a return of the separate battery grip to flagship cameras? It’s unlikely, but it would be a way of keeping the price in check, otherwise we’re going to be looking at $6,999 at least, maybe even $7,999.

You can register your interest, prior to launch, at B&H Photo. UK readers can do so at WEX Photo.

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