Canon EOS R3 on a white background.
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Images leak of the Canon EOS R3 showing fold out screen

Images have leaked of the Canon EOS R3 showing the front and, more importantly, the rear of the camera. If these images are genuine, the EOS R3 has a fully-articulated screen, and possibly a touch-sensitive AF-On button that can be used for focus point selection, like the EOS-1DX Mark III. Although I can’t be sure from this, it also looks as if the memory card door isn’t lockable, like the EOS-1D series. Built-in LAN looks like a possibility and a voice memo feature also seems to be part of the feature set.

One further feature that’s apparent, besides the sharing of the EOS-1 battery, is the enormous viewfinder. Let’s hope it’s fully anti-reflective and has a fluorine coating.


Images via Nokishita Camera