Lee Filters adds Hood and Tandem Filter Adaptor to LEE100 range

Lee Filters has announced a collapsible Hood as well as a Tandem Filter Adaptor for the recently redesigned LEE100 Filter Holder, launched earlier in the year.

Made from water-resistant reinforced nylon, the newly designed LEE100 Hood is characterised by its “sturdy” construction and self-supporting design, which does away with rails or guides.

The 320g hood comes with an attachment ring that clips to the LEE100 Filter Holder using four locking tabs which can then locked in place using a single lever. This is then attached to the lens as normal with a threaded adaptor ring.

The filter holder and hood can be rotated independently, allowing the use of graduated ND filters in the usual way. Lee claim the hood can be used with lenses with focal lengths of 20-28mm without vignetting.

The Tandem Filter Adaptor allows a second LEE100 Filter Holder to be attached and rotated independently, allowing two graduated filters to be positioned at different angles in much the same way as the original filter holder. Architectural photographers will find the option useful as two opposing graduated ND filters can be positioned around the apex of a building or structure.

Pricing and availability

The LEE100 Tandem Adaptor is available to purchase from LEE Filters dealers from 5 August 2019, with a RRP of £44.50 ex-VAT.

The LEE100 Hood is available to purchase from LEE Filters dealers from 19 August 2019, with a RRP of £208.00 ex-VAT.


B&H Photo (US)