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Nikon announces AF-S NIKKOR 500mm F5.6E PF ED VR

After the expected announcement of the new Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless cameras, Nikon has also announced a new super-telephoto lens for the existing Nikon F mount based DSLRs. The new lens is also compatible with the new Z series cameras using the new FTZ mount.

The new super-telephoto adopts Phase Fresnel (PF) tech’ seen in the earlier 300mm F4 PF to reduce both the size and weight. It measures just 237mm in length. With one PF element and three ED glass elements – there are no fluorite elements – it weighs just 1460g, almost half the weight of the existing AF-S 500mm F4E ED VR. A lighter focusing group used means the AF focusing speed has increased, the company claims, presumably referring to the existing model.

In addition, the new lens has VR – equivalent to a 4-stop maximum increase in shutter speed and a Sport VR mode. Nikon claims the new VR mode is effective when photographing fast-moving and erratic subjects, making it ideal for birders. When paired with a APS-C camera such as the company’s high-end Nikon D500 the combination is equivalent to a 750mm F5.6 in small and highly portable package. The new 500mm is weatherproof and uses the company’s Nano Crystal Coat for suppression of flare and ghosting.

It’s available mid-September and priced at a relatively modest $3,596/£3,699.

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