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Nikon FTZ adapter compatibility with Nikon F mount lenses

When Nikon announced the stabilized 45.7MP Nikon Z 7 and 24-MP Nikon Z 6 yesterday, they made it clear that they’re targeting Sony’s stabilized 42MP A7R III and the 24-MP Sony A7 III. However, I expect this move isn’t only to counter Sony’s increasing market share which was widely reported on the Internet recently, but also to try to stem the loss of valuable lens sales to makers such as Sigma and Zeiss.

The success of Simga’s Art series has taken even Sigma by surprise. With contractual obligations as an OEM supplier, they were initially unable to devote the required capacity to manufacture them in volume but even so, the Art series and the manual focus-only lenses from Zeiss will have impacted sales of Nikon’s more profitable lenses. The introduction then of the new mirrorless models with their new larger Z mount will protect them for a while from those makers and the addition of the $250 FTZ adapter will likely put a stop, or at least lessen the chance of Nikon users adding a Sony body with an adapter to access their range of Nikkor lenses.

As I reported yesterday the FTZ adapter doesn’t feature any auto-indexing (AI) post, but it’s highly likely that the Z cameras feature manual input of the maximum aperture from the camera menu, as found on the current mid-to-high-end Nikon DSLRs. Adapted lenses can take advantage of the built-in stabilization but it drops from five-axes to three; pitch, yaw and roll.

Pre-ordering is likely the only way you’ll get one for several months. See below for pre-order links.

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