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Capture One Deals Explained

Update (December 07, 2019): Phase One has announced Capture One Pro 20 (version 13). There aren’t any special prices now, but you can still buy a license and bundle some styles together for impressive savings.

Please add the promo code ‘DJP’ during checkout (you can make sure it’s recognized as a penny/cent is removed from the price) as a show of support for this site. I’ll earn some small commission payments which will help towards maintaining the site.

Update (November 05, 2019): There are no discounts available for purchasing Capture One Pro 12 now, but there are still some savings to be had if you buy their styles with a Pro 12 license. What’s more, if you buy a license now (during November), you’ll get an upgrade to Capture One Pro 20 free. Please use the promo code ‘DJP’ as a show of support for this site, I’ll earn some small commission payment which will help to maintain the site.


Phase One instigates regular updates of Capture One throughout the year, fixing bugs and adding support for new cameras and occasionally adding new features. Indeed, they’ve just released version 12.1.4 adding official compatibility with macOS Catalina, and support for the Sony a9 II. However, since version 10, Capture One has been upgraded to a full version on a yearly basis. And, if the past is anything to go by the full-version upgrade occurred later in the year, towards the end of November.  

While I don’t know when the next full-version upgrade will be for sure, there are signs that it isn’t too far away… Phase One is openly calling the next version, version 20, in promotions but hasn’t as yet released any details of the new features. Not only that but the promotions have become increasingly generous and rather more complex in nature.

In the interests of helping you keep track, here’s a timeline with the earlier fall discounts and the current offers (all links are to the official Phase One store):

Phase One started fall discounts with gift cards worth up to $50 on all Capture One products (licenses, subscriptions and styles) sometime in September. That offer was extended through October but was subsequently (and silently) replaced by a free upgrade to Capture One Pro 20. If you received the gift card, you can use it towards the upgrade to the full version.

From the 7 October to the end of the month, Phase One introduced 10% off all Capture One licenses, subscriptions and styles (remember to add the OCT-AF-VAG promo code in the checkout). And that was on top of deep discounts on styles that have been running since the summer. If you’re still following all this, there are some serious discounts available and you get a free upgrade to the new version, Capture One Pro 20. This discount ends on 31 October!

Current users of Capture One Pro 12 (license holders only) can pre-order the upgrade now, with a 20% discount (no longer available), plus the additional 10% off during October, but that extra 10% also ends 31 October! 

To access the additional discount, please remember to use the OCT-AF-VAG promo code during checkout.

If you’re confused about whether you should be buying a license or subscription, then read our primer here.